NFL Players Are Expendable

It was a sad weekend for the NFL.  Not because of the protests, but because everyone’s anger over the protests meant we seemed to miss that President Trump tweeted that making the game safer was ruining it… essentially, meaning that football players are expendable.

That’s 1,696 US Citizens the President would rather see dead than a few unnecessary roughness flags get thrown.  And that’s just in the NFL.  That’s not counting semi-pro, college, high school, or peewee leagues that the NFL’s safety research has helped.  It’s also not counting their families who are also affected by CTE and other side effects of professional football.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Yes, football players know the risks.  However, using that logic, we can also make JFK responsible for his own assassination.  He had to know that being president came with that risk, he still wanted the job, so his assassination should come as no surprise, no grief, nor be seen as a tragedy.


However, if he doesn’t care about those 1,696 US Citizens, why do we think he gives a shit about the other 3.2 million?  Especially considering some of those 1,696 citizens were and are wealthy enough that they contributed sizeable amounts to his presidential campaign.

But they are just football players.  We’ve been dehumanizing them since the game began.  No reason to start thinking of them as people now… Go ahead, be pissed about the protests and ignore the fact that our president doesn’t care about his own citizens health and well-being.

6 thoughts on “NFL Players Are Expendable

  1. The fact that he wants football owners to fire players who are exercising first amendment rights protesting the murder of black men is an equally strong indicator. So much for his oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”


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  2. Can someone please cite for me a single example of him doing anything to actively “support and defend the Constitution of the United States?” I feel like I’m living in “Atlas Shrugged” crossed with “The Handmaids Tale.” OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, but not by too much.

    I am a huge football fan and am quite proud of the players for having the courage to follow Kaepernick’s lead. It takes a strong person to take a stand and shine a light on injustice. Our ability to choose whether to stand or even recite the Pledge is called freedom. Isn’t that what countless soldiers have given their lives for? Not for us to be automatons, bending to the will of those in power. For us to be free from tyranny and oppression, no matter what form it takes. Even that of a cheeto.

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  3. the football players should have a right to protest but they should do it another way soldiers died for their rights and the rights of all Americans so why would they insult those same soldiers who fought for them to run around and play with a ball I personally will never willingly watch the NFL again nor will I knowingly purchase from their sponsors their opinion offends me but I have to live with it but if my opinion offends them I’m being racist or a bigot there is no middle ground you are expected to give in or shut up

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    1. I agree they should find another way, but I still don’t think they should be treated as expendable. I come from a family with lots of service men and women, so yes it bothers me that they don’t stand during our anthem since it represents our country and our freedoms… However, I think considering them expendable for more violent football games is ridiculous.


      1. no ma’am they are not expendable and I really didn’t mean to leave that impression just aggravated at their lack of respect for the way their rights were fought for and won by men and women of service they were not expendable yet some died for their right to disrespect our flag and anthem

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