Something Not About Dogs…

since moving into the new house, a few strange things have happened.  Some of them I could chalk up to carelessness, but not all of them.

For instance, several bottles of my Jamberry lacquers have gone missing.  I’d chalk them up to getting lost in the move, except they were all together and they were all in one bag, which was closed.  So, I haven’t a clue where they went.

We did lose a folder with dart stuff, a box of cords, the dog’s nail clippers, and something of my mom’s that she has yet to remember…  But these were all items packed the very last day and probably in the same box.  Everything else was found.  My lacquers were not included in that list because they were packed early and in a 31 bag.

Along with my lacquers, we can add every extra battery we owned.  I had bought a huge pack of AAA and AA batteries and we can’t find any of them.  They were packed with my computer equipment, all of which made it to the new house except the extra batteries.

Then there’s the door between the garage and the house.  A couple of times, while I have been smoking in the garage this door has become locked.  Once, there were other people home.  Twice, I was home by myself.  It isn’t a door that automatically locks (it has to be shut before it can be locked and the dogs can’t do it), so I’m not entirely sure how I locked it and then went into the garage to have a cigarette.

The first night we were here, I was working and went out to smoke a cigarette.  When I returned, I found the lid to a canopic jar sitting in the middle of my keyboard.  It hadn’t been there when I left.  It had been on my bookcase with my other ancient Egyptian decor.

However, the weirdest one was the chess piece.  Several years ago, I got an oversized chess set Egypt v. Rome at the Battle of Antioch.  It’s a great chess set.  The board is two feet square and the pieces measure between 3 and 5 inches tall.  We didn’t unpack it yet because I haven’t found a good display spot for it… Yet I found one of the Egyptian Rooks sitting on the table next to my computer one morning when I got out of bed.  I asked mom if she had placed it there.  She hadn’t.  It was unwrapped from the bubble wrap, just sitting there like it was waiting to go on my chess board.

One set of reading glasses that I know made the move (I used them in the new house) has disappeared.  The power cord for my Epson printer vanished and I had to replace the printer.  Oddly, I found a cord that looked very similar to my Epson printer cord, but it’s got two round pieces on the end instead of one round and one square and I’ve never owned anything with a similar cord… So I haven’t a clue where this one came from.  I just know I spent a couple of days mumbling about trying to put round pegs in square holes, even as my husband attempted to make it fit.  Also, a very distinct pair of Aviator Sunglasses that I have never owned are now in my possession.  These aren’t like glasses that the previous owner’s accidentally left here.  I found them while unpacking a box of clothes and they weren’t there when I packed the clothes and we didn’t have movers pack our stuff (although, next time, I will).

Ah well, at least the dogs don’t stand and bark at empty spaces like they did in the old place.


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