Not 8 months old, Not an Australia Shepherd

So Kelly, who was sold to me as being an 8-month-old Australian Shepherd pup, totally isn’t.  I knew this before the vet confirmed it.

Instead she’s a 6-month-old beagle/border collie mix… I think that goes well with Lola who is an adult German Shepherd/Border collie mix.

Thankfully, she’s healthy and 28 pounds.  She might get as heavy as 40 pounds, but she might not.  Considering she likes being a lap dog, this is probably a good thing.  However, my husband also likes that she is a lap dog, so that’s points in her favor with him.

Her limp is improving. She still a lover.  her and Lola are still getting along great.  They have moments when they each get jealous, but it isn’t too bad and it’s somewhat expected.  They each want all the attention they can get.

I’m just glad Kelly is healthy and se seems to be happy with us… and I don’t have to eat my hat.

5 thoughts on “Not 8 months old, Not an Australia Shepherd

  1. My Dad has a beagle/ border collie mix and he is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever seen. Of course he is spoiled completely rotten and we think he’s overweight at 46 pounds, but he’s very active and they go hiking every night. He’s never been left home alone, when my Dad used to go to church, he went to one at the top of his road but he would drive 20 minutes to my house to drop Charlie off, drive back to the church, and then back to pick him up after the service. He was very easy to train and follows voice commands like a champ.

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  2. Be very thankful you got her when you did…he bad habits would be worse and she could have a litter with them being such LOVING ATTENTIVE OWNERS… please say you reported them to Animal control.. please or will… also the AKC to revoke the papers of the animals she is clearly not representing correctly..but Animal Control can monitor them for having aggressive animals, too many animals and allowing unplanned mating of the dogs they are claiming to be breed specific..working as a vet tech while waiting to get a good nursing job it broke my heart when the volunteer animal control came with a pickup loaded and stacked with crates.. having some we could save medically, some whose temperament was unsafe for any one and had to be put down and the babies who’d been attacked re-breaking bones setting them.. it was a weekend work crammed into 28 hrs.. The crate of kittens that had been tossed in as rewards broke my heart and I held and cried as the vet had to send each to they were alive I will never know but I could tell they wouldn’t last the night and this was as kind as they could get. It took documentation, photos and volunteers to bathe and work thru all the crates and then the last one, a momma who guarded her babies, only one of five still alive.. I lost it..again but told him I’d refuse a pay check and pay any overage if he’d just try to save this last little one that I prayed wasn’t too bad tears streaming down my face the vet said the abdominal bites were probably going to kill it too but I pleaded it’s case and thankfully the Doc did surgery with me as the scrub nurse.. rinsing out it’s abdomen and repairing punctures and the IV antibiotics, the baby made it And momma was sweet as long as she didn’t have to fight for her pups. She found a home with one of the volunteers.. the owner after a year finally was judged unfit to own an animal. Justice being what it was I was back as a volunteer on a rare day of, because her son was now the owner of dogs and we unloaded crates again and saved what we could.. please If you ever know of someone with more dogs then reasonable.. or dogs that are vicious, call animal control.. what they can’t get by breeding they get by fighting them and while once many many moons ago we had 28 cats and kittens as I fostered 3 litters driving my spoiled rotten Rottie half crazed trying to keep them corralled when they got mobile.. she’d return one to a box to dash off after another escapee thankfully out of exhaustion I think she just allowed then to run loose and became their playground.. a trick I had learned as a teen with a scruffy old battle scarred Tom cat….Wow call me a wuss, I cry now thinking about the fur-babies I saved and those I’d held as they died telling them they were so pretty and loved and they would go somewhere they would never feel pain again..They were creatures God had given us, and as humans we need to be their advocate and protector when need be. I can tell you right now.. If you have a stack of towels that you hide when company comes due to tears, thread worn, or bleach spotted or stained from wash cloths to beach towels they can be used.. If you get a paper delivery stack em in a paper bag and save em..they line cages for feline , canine, and avian , even reptiles newspaper shredded used for litter pans for an animal that regular litter may get in a wound and cause infection all sizes because they come in all sizes, and some cages need a cover to block out the ‘what’s in the room with me terrors’,..towels used for bedding, drying piddle accidents while being trained where to potty or dry after their first bath.. those items a once a month drop off at the shelter or even at your local vets can use them..volunteer a day to give baths, comb fur, just play with them cats or dogs to keep then social and loved, the time is slight, but it means much..

    I am Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your blog…just a subject I care about..


    1. My vet asked for her contact information to report it. I didn’t realize half-breeds had become
      E so popular they were big business until the vet told me today… which explains why people offer me money to breed Lola. Lola is spayed and I wouldn’t do that to her anyway, but I had always wondered why people offered me money to breed a non-registered dog.

      I’m not much of a volunteering type. If I can donate money, I will, but if I have to leave my house, I have a tendency to back out. That pesky anxiety disorder kicking in high gear.


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