Kelly the Unloved

I mentioned a week or so ago that I was looking for a puppy companion for Lola.  I was sent an ad by a friend for a puppy with a note that said she had heard it needed a good home.  So, I contacted the person who had her and we set up a meeting.

It was a little over 2 hours away from me.  We got about three-quarters of the way there when I started to have doubts.  The puppy didn’t have shots, hadn’t been on heart worm medicine, nothing.  I was told she was an 8-month-old Australian Shepherd.  If she is, I’ll eat my hat.  I have a feeling the vet will confirm that she is actually on 4-5 months old when she sees them on Tuesday (the soonest appointment we could get for her).

However, my mom said we’d come this far, we should at least go look at her.  Lola and her got along fine (we took Lola with us) which was good.  Then I actually started to survey the puppy’s surroundings.  She had a limp, a scar on the opposite foot, and she hadn’t been given a name until they had posted her for sale… at supposedly 8-months-old, this puppy didn’t have a name.  She also lived with a large aggressive male dog who I suspect is the one that caused the limp and the scar.

I agreed to take her home.  It just hit me that they had no attachment to her because the only thing they had planned to use her for was breeding their male dogs.  Of which they had four, all in tact.  She was going to be a puppy factory herself and they just got tired of waiting for her to reach sexual maturity.  Since she’d never really been to a vet, they were just guessing at her age.

Coming home with us was her first car ride.  She was a little freaked out at first, but quickly adjusted with some help from Lola and ended up curled up in the back and sleeping most of the trip home.

Upon arrival at my house, she attached herself to me with some serious persistence.  When we fed her that night, we discovered she was food aggressive and have been working on her with that.  I believe she probably had to fight the males for anything she got in the food department.  She knocked over the trashcan the first night to dig out scraps.  She looked like she was overweight, which I thought was a little weird, but then I realized it wasn’t “weight”.  She was bloated and had the worst gas ever and lots of it.  When we called the vet to make her first appointment, I discussed her gas, bloating, and pooping problem – she was going about every 2 hours.  They told me to put her on white rice and chicken for a few days to see if that would help since they didn’t even have an emergency first visit available until the 18th.

So, I cook up some chicken and white rice (Lola’s had to go on this diet before).  After two days on the chicken/rice diet, she’s starting to go less frequently, she looks like she lost “weight”, her gas is less frequent (though it would still gag a maggot), and she is becoming less food aggressive already.  By the third day, she was eating Taste of the Wild puppy food.  She still has a bit of a gas problem and she still looks like she is losing weight, but I really do believe it was just bloat and the more she passes gas the less bloated she becomes, making it look like she is losing weight.

However, we have other stuff we are now working on.  She isn’t fully house broken.  She doesn’t know how to “play”.  I don’t think she had ever seen a ball or a plushie before, let alone dreamed about a whole toy box full for her to chew on – Lola has a BarkBox subscription because she loves to tear up toys and we like to keep her stocked.

She’s lost two puppy teeth since we got her last Monday night.  She’s had what I am positive was her first bath (totally not a fan, just like Lola).  She’s finally warmed up to Jason completely.  She is still following me around as much as she possibly can.  Her night time accidents are getting less frequent with Lola’s help.  Kelly goes to the door, but she doesn’t make any noise.  Lola has been waking someone up to let her out.  They have even begun to cuddle a little bit and I think Lola is becoming very attached to the little beagle mix (yep, beagle mix… short haired, howls like a hound, has black spots on her skin, short snouted – however, she’s as big as a full grown beagle already so she has to have something in her genes a little bigger, but I don’t think it’s Australian Shepherd and those two teeth that fell out were her first puppy teeth to come out, meaning if she’s on an average teeth losing scale, she’s probably not more than 5-months-old).

Like most neglected puppies, she’s a bit attention starved.  We had this problem with Lola when she was first adopted into the family.  Actually. every problem we have with Kelly we had with Lola when she was first taken in by my niece and nephew.  The good news is that she likes Jude.  He sat on her is first day here (and got in trouble for it) and she didn’t do anything to him for it except want his attention.  When she’s had enough of him, instead of snipping at him or growling, she crawls under my futon in my office.  She doesn’t want as much attention from Jude as Lola does.  Although, I think Lola is pretty happy to have someone else for Jude to focus his adoration of dogs on.

3 thoughts on “Kelly the Unloved

  1. I’m glad you took her home. People who mistreat animals shouldn’t be allowed to have them. We adopted our last dog, Rusty, from a shelter. He was heart worm positive so no one would take him. After we signed the papers on a Saturday afternoon, the staff thanked us because he was scheduled for euthanasia the following Monday.
    They told us he’d been chained in a backyard his entire life, around a year, when a neighbor got fed up and reported the situation. The city took him, but he’d never been inside a house when we brought him home, so he literally slept sitting up by the back door the first night.
    When we gave him a chewy, he just stared at it, not realizing what it was or what it was for.
    When we bought him his own bed (we have another dog who is not into sharing), he wouldn’t go in it. I finally had to sit in the bed and coax him into my lap and even that took over an hour. You couldn’t take off a belt, use a flyswatter, or make loud noises around him without him rolling over and showing his belly.
    It broke my heart. He is such a loving, loyal dog and I can’t fathom anyone mistreating him.
    Kelly is lucky you found her.

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    1. Kelly freaks when we clap our hands which is a bad sign and Jude loves to clap at the moment. I think she’ll get better as she realizes that she is here permanently and that we are not the type to abuse our animals. She really is getting bed about the food aggression and she has no trouble sharing a water bowl with Lola even though I think she had restricted access to water before she got here. During eating times, Lola hangs back until Kelly finishes eating. If we feed both of them out of separate bowls, Lola leaves food in hers for Kelly.

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  2. I’m so glad you didn’t turn around and head back home. Her belly sounds like worms, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least, given the background she came from. Lola reminds me of our dogs, they’re going to accept whoever comes through the door. We got our Hope from the pound – she was supposedly 4 or 5 months old, our Vet determined she was actually over a year, based on her teeth and was severely malnourished. She was covered in cigarette burns, she’d been shaved, and was left chained to a fence at the Humane Society (they called Animal Control to pick her up). Once she started eating premium food she started growing – fast. She’s now 13, the size of a small german shepherd but acts like a jack russell.

    Anyway, I’m so glad you took her. I’m sure you saved her from a horrible life. And I’m also sure she’s about to OD on LOVE. She’s one of the lucky ones.❤

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