Mind Your Words and Thoughts

Every time I get ready to write a blog post, I have to really sit and think about it…  Primarily because I have to mind what I say and voicing my opinion.  For instance, I received several nasty notes about my using Planned Parenthood for birth control services before I had insurance.  It didn’t matter whether I was Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, Planned Parenthood offered the only affordable birth control services for me and I have a medical condition that requires it and yet, I was made to feel like I was evil for using them.

Anytime I voice an opinion about politics or current affairs, I know I run the risk of losing readers.  This is exceptionally difficult for me because I have a history degree and therefore have a natural interest in both.

What most people don’t know is that I endure reviews and messages telling me that I’m sick and perverted and how disgraceful it is that I condone/support/promote violence against women by writing the D&R novels.  I can’t change the fact that women are the most common targets of violence by both strangers and people they know… It would be very unrealistic to have 13 books where all the victims were male.

Not to mention the time I gave my opinion of Fifty Shades of Grey and I got messages asking me why I was pretending to be a woman.  So because I didn’t like a book that promoted an unhealthy relationship with a millionaire, I must be a man… How strange.  And other messages calling me a freak because I stated I didn’t enjoy the book because in the real BDSM world, Christian Grey would be a predator and I shouldn’t know that much about the lifestyle.

I’ve even turned in a Facebook user for issuing a death threat towards me, surprisingly not over the D&R novels, but over my fantasy series: The Brenna Strachan series.  They told me they were going to speed up my habitation of Hell since I was obviously a heathen that deserved to be burned for writing such wickedness and having Lucifer be a practicing member at a Catholic Church.

So, I blog about my dogs, my health, occasionally my books (it’s hard to do that all the time), and things I would do differently if I was just starting out as an indie author because everything else seems to be taboo.  And losing a reader affects how much money I make… which affects whether I need to find a part time job to go with my writing or not.

Then every so often, I go through my 800 draft blog posts to see what I can safely finish writing and publish without causing people to raise their pitchforks at me and I quell my own irritation over the fact that I feel like my voice is often stifled because my blog is connected to my writing career.  Like many public figures” I can’t afford true Freedom of Speech…

9 thoughts on “Mind Your Words and Thoughts

  1. Don’t let the bastards get to u
    You have a right to voice your opinions if u lose one reader when they tell othets why they no longer read your books then don’t you think they just might be curious enough to read one of your books & no one can read just 1 book.

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  2. I was muzzled by my brother for letting out the pain of the loss of my parents and his treatment.. He still took me to court after I took down everything.. to those that scream FREE SPEECH the loudest and LIBERAL LOVE they seem the most kill anyone who doesn’t think as you.. if they make you want to run for your safe space they are NAZI’S.. there will come a day when they will run the world, I just hope the cancer takes me first..You have every RIGHT TO YOUR OWN OPINION, JUST AS i HAVE TO MINE. If we disagree that is what dialogue is for if we still disagree then we just know we can’t change each other, so what if everyone marched at the same time to the same little band leader we wouldn’t live in a free society we’d be trapped in North Korea or someplace..What you write is not the end all of who you are. I sent a packet to you of things I had written asking if you thought they were ok , dumb, great, or trash.. never heard back so figured packed in the move or tossed… not having a fit over it.. so tell em screw you and let me get on with my life.. WE KINDA LIKE HAVING YOU AND YOUR QUIRKY LITTLE MIND OUT THERE, would love to climb in and watch it whirl a bit, not sure I’d want to spend the night after reading something you wrote but hey.. friends even virtual ones are hard to come by and we tend to hang on to the good eggs even those that are cracked a bit..

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  3. Hadena real adults realize here in America people have the right to free speech if you didnt like 50 shades of Grey well thats you’re choice, at least You tried to read it, I haven’t had the stomic to try . However i have read all of your series of books and have loved them .
    In other words you cant please everyone all the time, as my father always said just smile ,it makes them wonder what you’ve been up to.

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  4. You are hardly the only person who didn’t care for 50 Shades – me too – and you should be able to say you didn’t like it and why. As far as BDSM – it’s barely alternative these days and a lot is public these days about it so again – you should be able to voice your opinion I have no problems with people disagreeing with me or having a different view point as long as they are respectful of the fact I have a right to my view You too have a right to your view! We should not have to be subjected to insults, nasty names or anything else.

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  5. Not sure whether this can be posted, but a quick response of “FOAD” would be appropriate.

    Their protests ring as hollow as the right wing who were up in arms a year or so ago because Resa Aslan dared to write a book about Jesus.

    You have every right take care of your body as you see fit, and to publish what you want. If they don’t like your books, then they don’t have to buy and read them.

    There used to be a common saying (variously phrased and attributed) that your rights end at the tip of my nose. The self righteous appear never to have been exposed that idea.


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