Looking For A Puppy Is Harder Than You Think

Lola is a very social dog with strong maternal instincts.  I sometimes wonder if spaying her was the right decision…  She’s small in stature for her breeding and it’s hard to get rid of mixed breed puppies, but she really is the most social dog I have ever owned and she is good with human children and puppies.

After the disaster between her and Bella (a beautiful 4 year old husky in need of a good home with separation anxiety), we realized that a full grown dog wasn’t going to work as a companion for Lola.  She isn’t an alpha and Bella picked up on that and attacked her.

However, now that we are settled into our new place, it has become painfully obvious that Lola really does need a companion.  When other dogs pass by our house (no leash laws where we live and most of the dogs roam free), Lola has this sad little whining bark she uses to try to get their attention, because she wants them to come play with her (we do not let Lola roam free unless she is locked in the backyard or with one of us… I worry about her getting hit by a car since we live next to a paved county road with a high speed limit).

I’ve spent most of the last week looking for puppies.  I don’t want a small breed, but that’s mainly because I want something that is going to be about her size.  I want another female since Lola seems to get along a little better with females than males.  I don’t require pure breeds or even known mixed breeds… in other words, a mutt would be fine.  And yet, I can’t find one.

This has brought two things to my attention: people seem to be more responsible about spaying and neutering their pets now then they were a decade ago (puppies are hard to come by) and that about half the adoptable dogs at my local humane society are chihuahuas or pit bulls.  Sadly, I don’t like chihuahuas – and before you lecture me, there’s a reason behind it – and the pit bulls are all 18 months or older, meaning they are for all intents and purposes, adults.

Let the search continue!

8 thoughts on “Looking For A Puppy Is Harder Than You Think

  1. Consider contacting the local shelter, and becoming a Foster Family for a pup that is past needing nursing but needs a big sis to show her how to be a Good Dog.. they are generally with you for limited times, maybe a special needs dog.. then you can try the breed you want or maybe a bond begins that the foster finds it’s forever home and becomes Lola’s companion

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  2. I am proud to announce that I am a foster failure! I couldn’t stand the thought of of Hope being put down, so I told my buddy at animal control if her time was up and no one had adopted her to let me know. We didn’t want or neef a 4th dog but I couldn’t let her be put down. Needless to say her time was up. We’ve now been “fostering ” her for well over 12 years. She wasn’t a puppy, she was so malnourished that she was the size of a 12 week old puppy, she’s psrt german shepherd and part Jack Russell (don’t know how that happened). She’s the size on a small german shepherd but acts like a jack russell. She had cigarette burns all over her body, her fur felt like pig hair, and she’d been shaved. My vet determined she was atleast a year old based on her teeth. She’s a great girl, she’s always happy, and evrn with all she went through she still loves.


    1. That required a step ladder or a ditch. 😂 My cousin fosters dogs and they usually do great with her lab/boxer mix, but we have had no success with Lola and fostering. She’s too energetic or something. She’s never the aggressor, but it’s like she brings out the worst in other dogs.


  3. I went through the same thing with my dog Zoey. She’s a Huskimo, part huskie part American Eskimo. She’s very social and would beg to place with the dogs next door or any dog that passed by the house. I finally convinced my husband to find a friend for her. He agreed but wanted a bigger dog, I said fine. He picked out a pup from the internet that he was happy with. She was supposed to be a Standard American Eskimo. A bigger dog that Zoey. When she arrived she was just 12 weeks old and while she was white with a curly tail something was just off. The girls became fast friends but the new pup was not growing like she should and she just looked different. Long story short and a canine DNA test later we found out she is part chihuahua. We’ve nicknamed her the beast.

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  4. Columbia shelters aren’t rescuing hurricane dogs? Seattle has had two flights with animals from Harvey and they are getting donations to go get pets from Irma.

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  5. try kittens then you are not limited to dogs only.. gesh if I had a dollar for every litter I bottle fed, and wiped bottoms.. My best success was a old torn up tom cat, we’d feed the babies and find where he was napping and slip them in for snuggles.. after an hr or so they’d wake him, he’d give baths and then when they tried nursing he’d hop out with a YOUR TURN look.. have always had a soft spot for babies..

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