October is Coming

And this means more talk about spooky and murderous stuff than usual.  Much like Michael Myers, Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I like all the dark stuff.  I like ghost stories and fake blood and decorating my yard with tombstones and motion activated witches.  I love children in costumes that I get to swoon over for a moment before giving them their candy and sending them away.  I love to dress up in costume to hand out candy as well.  It’s the one day of the year when you can be someone or something completely different or let your freak flag fly and no one bats an eyelash (as long as the naughty bits are covered in front of the children).

Someone asked me once if I would be okay with movie or TV adaptations of my books.  The answer is probably.  While the main cast of the D&R series would be vitally important, my serial killers also require dedication and determination.  They would need actors that could commit to playing a serial killer and emotionless human being.

In other words, Topher Grace couldn’t be in them.  His performance in Predators is by far the worst and least convincing serial killer role I have ever seen.  He’s supposed to come across as mysterious, smart, and capable.  He came across as predictable, idiotic, and a bit of a wuss.  Part of this is because when he could be killing and enjoying the hunt, he’s hiding behind his good guy doctor persona… but why?  He’s on a foreign planet with other killers being hunted by some very serious serial killers (which is how I think of the Predator characters).  Even Lawrence Fishbourn’s character is better played, portrayed, and sympathetic to Grace’s weakling serial killing doctor role.

Anyway, I’m finding a few new horror movies to check out in the upcoming weeks… And I’m sure I will have more to talk about!

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