Monday I went to the chiropractor like I’ve been doing for nearly 2 months. Got an adjustment, got home, everything was fine.

Then I notice Monday night my back hurts.

Tuesday I awoke to a horrible migraine… like I haven’t had in months.

That night, my mom notices that the right lumbar area of my back is swollen. WTF?! It has never been swollen there before. And wait, the pain is still there.

Thursday night, it is still visibly swollen. I can’t get any of my doctors to call me back. And it still hurts.

This is not one of the areas I have been having pain or swelling in. It’s been my right hip, butt cheek, and thigh, not my back… he didn’t do anything different Monday than the previous 80 visits or whatever. What on earth is going on with me?!?

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