Seriously, H?

I went outside to have a cigarette. Noticed a couple of spiders were lurking around the back door.

Thought 1) I wish Lola was out here with me.

Thought 2) what is Lola going to do if a spider falls on you?!

Sometimes, my logic is impressively faulty.

4 thoughts on “Seriously, H?

  1. My other half called me, his wobbly voice had risen by a couple of octaves, to catch a huge spider. He knows I don’t kill spiders, he’s a proper wuss, but he nearly had a cardiac arrest when I missed it and it disappeared. He said he heard it running up the stairs, slight exaggeration from a panicking man. Well last night I caught the bloody thing and threw it outside. At least he can stop scanning the room, as if he’s looking for terrorists, every time he comes in. I must admit it would have beaten a mouse in a fight as it was HUGE.

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