The Move – an update

We moved to a nice little subdivision outside the city limits of Columbia, Missouri called Sun Valley Estates.  At night when I go out for a cigarette, I hear owls, foxes, and dogs instead of the endless stream of car doors and people that I used to hear.  It’s a little noisier on weekends, but that’s to be expected.

Surprisingly, a few neighbors have even stopped by and introduced themselves.  I have never lived in a neighborhood where that was the norm.  I feel safe at night and don’t take my stun gun out with me for Lola’s wee hours of the morning trips outside.

Lola has adjusted to the house pretty well.  It has stairs, a first for her, and they still kinda bother her, but she’s getting better about them.  She’s even happy in the house and she’s figured out the fenced in backyard is so that she can be outdoors whenever she wants and so she can play Frisbee and ball until her lungs can’t take it anymore.

As with any move, there were some unexpected expenses once we moved in.  Not all my book cases survived the move… they were just pressed wood cheapo cases that I bought when I got my first job, so I’m not surprised, but I have over 15,000 physical books and they have to go somewhere… However, this time, my husband was nice enough to buy me solid oak cases to put in my office.  I’m waiting for them to come in (they had to be ordered) and then I will be able to take pictures of my office to share.

We managed to move and unpack in just 5 days (with the exception of some of my office stuff).  And before anyone starts to lecture me, I am very aware this means I overdid it every day.  I’m paying the price now.  My hip has begun to give out on me, I fell down a few steps the other day and hit the trim around the front door, scraping the crap out of my arm.  I’m having back pain, which is unusual for me, even when there is something wrong with my back, it’s usually my legs that bother me.  Today, I was in so much pain, I actually took time to sit down and cry.  But I have an appointment with my pain management doctor tomorrow and I’m hoping he can help me find some relief.

Most importantly, it has plenty of room for family and friends and dogs to come hang out.  I have an office.  My husband has a dart room.  There’s an extra bedroom that I am waiting for my mother to lay claim to for some kind of hobby or interest.  Our kitchen is 10’x14′!  I am in love with it and have enjoyed cooking every night just because I have enough room to cook whatever I want.  It’s been amazing.

2 thoughts on “The Move – an update

  1. Rural advice .. keep taking the stun gun with you . Enjoy everything else. And go see a chiropractor for your back [ from a been there done that view ]

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