Nerve Damage

I’ve said before that I have what amounts to nerve damage in my back caused by my hips being out of socket at birth and probably in utero.  Causing some problems with my hips and my pelvis.

Since the injections are a short term fix that have to be redone every couple of months, we have decided to try ablation of the nerves. In simple terms, they are going to use radio frequency waves to burn the nerves in my lower back and therefore stop the pain.

I’ve been trying to avoid this.  Or the next step, surgically severing the nerves in my back for permanent relief of the nerve pain.

However, I’m a little concerned about it.  I have been told it is very painful.  And I can only hope it works.


4 thoughts on “Nerve Damage

  1. The nerve ablation typically only lasts 6 months and yes it is extremely painful. Hubby had it done, he said it wasn’t worth going through the pain again for 6 months relief. My mom had it about 2 1/2 months ago, it has partially lasted but she hasn’t had complete relief. She also said it wasn’t worth the pain to do it again. Have you been to a pain clinic? One of my friends just had the implant done a couple of months ago and she loves it, the pain is gone, the implant is a small device, only downside for her has been having to charge it every night.

    Good Luck!

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    1. My pain management doctor is the one who suggested it. Given that my pain level is always a ten right now in my hip, he thought it was the best option. We can continue to do the injections, but if I am only going to get a month or so of relief and then have to deal with stabbing pain and swelling until they can do them again… that was the reason he wanted to go with the ablation. If I can get six months without stubbing my toe and making my entire right side swell like a balloon, it might be worth it.

      I’m just not sure at this point. The chronic pain makes me depressed. But it is really hard to help nerve pain for long periods of time when you have nerve damage. So now I’m depressed about the pain and the fact that I seem to be running out of options on how to treat it.


  2. I had that done and was very pleased with the results. It was performed at the pain clinic and although I have a high tolerance to pain anyways, I found the procedure quite bearable. I did get about 5 months of no pain in my lower back so it was definitely worth it and I would do it again. Good luck!

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    1. I’m pretty Pain tolerant, so that’s encouraging. Despite limping and crying yesterday, my blood pressure was 100/81. And that stupid number is why I have trouble getting people to believe I’m in pain. My blood only rises when I am angry, never when I’m in pain. I shoved a wood burner into my thumb down to the bone (it was an accident) and my blood pressure didn’t get over 110/85.


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