Taking the Bus & Dick Pictures

My first job in high school was a department store.  I worked the floor, making sure the shelves were stocked and orderly, helping customers, etc.  I hated the job, but I learned really fast that customers aren’t always right, no matter how polite you are…

When I interviewed for the job, the manager asked if I had any medical issues that might impede my work.  I confessed to having scent triggered migraines and was promptly assigned to Health and Beauty.  I’d been there about 4 months, when said manager came in to buy lotion.

She walked down the aisle opening the bottles and smelling them.  Then she’d just put them back on the shelf without screwing the lids back on… That was my job!  After the tenth or eleventh bottle, I ask her to please stop, I’m starting to get a migraine.  Something in my tone must have pissed her off.

She called for the manager on duty and told him that I was racist because I wouldn’t let her sniff bottles of lotion to find the one she wanted (we were both white, just FYI).  Then she dumped a bottle of lotion on me… something that smelled heavily of flowers.  I got really angry, asked the manager on duty if I could run home, shower, and change and was told I had to wait until we had cleared everything up.  The manager that was shopping started laughing and called me a crybaby so I told her to take the next bus to Fuck-Offville and was fired on the spot.  I have never worked retail again.

I thought of that incident when I was trying to figure out what to do about my migraine yesterday.


***IMPORTANT!***  I get a couple of dick pics a week, unsolicited to the HJ inbox.  Normally I respond by pointing out I’m not a romance writer.  From now on, anyone who sends me dick pics will be featured in a blog post.  Please stop.  I have a husband if I really want to look at male genitalia.

2 thoughts on “Taking the Bus & Dick Pictures

  1. Both of those retail.managers exhibited unprofessional behavior and the one who dumped the lotion on you and called you a crybaby should have been fired for harassment. I’m sure that was not the first time she behaved that way. Better to be short employees than to have someone on staff who will eventually lead to litigation.

    As for the male genitalia pictures…first eew gross! Second – our society is in dire need of help. If the person doing it has that much free time …they need to be put to work cleaning streets!

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