I am pretty forgetful.  My mind is constantly running in a dozen directions and I am chronically stressed due to my anxiety disorder… and the medication to treat it impairs memory function.

Most of the time, I just shrug it off.  This past week or so though, it has been driving me nuts.  I started making box sets to distribute through Kindle Unlimited.  I have a template I use to make the box set covers and I have forgotten how to use the damn thing.

I have books 7-9 ready to be distributed, if I ever get the covers put together for the box set.  I tried to find the read me file for using the template and I’m guessing I deleted it, because once in a while, I purge unused files from my computer…

Which can be a problem when it’s an instruction manual and then I suddenly can’t remember how Photoshop works.  I can’t get the resize function to work correctly and I’m having some issues with the layering.  I know these things were covered in the Read Me file, but since I can’t find it, that doesn’t really help me.

Now, off to try and find another read me file for how the template works…

2 thoughts on “Forgetful

  1. Sorry that your having so much stress .and anxiety have you tried yoga and meditation that’s what I use and I know it seems whole keep it it really does help prayers I’m pulling for you I hope things get easier Shay

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