A Playmate

We got confirmation from the bank that everything is a go for closing on the 18th.  Which is awesome and stressful at the same time.  I’m happy to be moving, we are more than doubling our living space and the new house has a big fenced in backyard for Lola.

Which brings me to Lola… Who seems to be just as stressed as me.  However, with the bigger house and the fenced in yard, we’ve been talking about once we are all settled, getting another dog, so Lola will have a playmate.

I have some reservations.  Lola loves to play.  Even though she’s an adult, she still acts like a puppy and has the energy of a puppy.  But she isn’t an alpha.  She cowers down to dogs much smaller than her and there is part of my concern.

She can stand up for herself, like Gideon Grey the Great Dane picked up her favorite toy this week when he was here and she went off on him, even though he’s bigger.  She took on a full grown German Shepherd at the vet’s office when it came at me.  And it was easily 120 pounds.

I thought about talking to Second Chance an animal rescue group in town and trying to foster a dog to see how Lola would do with it, but I’m afraid I will get too attached and not be able to let it go when a good home is found.  I get much more attached to animals than people most of the time.

Plus, I need a dog who is gentle and has lots of energy, like Lola.  Essentially, I need another Lola to be with Lola.  And in the back of my mind, I have this awful fear that the move will be too much for her.  I owned a border collie once, his name was Frisky.  He was fine for several years, occasionally he was destructive if we left him alone, but after we moved, he attacked a picture window and started chewing on the broken glass.  He was thankfully fine, just a small cut in his mouth… but that move triggered his separation anxiety big time and Lola is half border collie.  There’s a happy ending to that story, after that incident, my uncle found him a home in a firehouse so he was never alone again.

That’s part of the reason I want to wait a little while after the move to get the other dog.  I don’t want to foist a companion on her during or immediately after the move.  I want to give her some time to adjust to the new house and surroundings.

Of course, a second dog could help her.  I’m just not sure yet.  We’ve only had one sleepover and it didn’t go well.  She was very jealous of Fred’s decision to lay next to me on the couch.  And she felt they were in competition on eating.

Needless to say, it’s a big and scary decision and just one more thing I’ve got on my mind.  🙂


3 thoughts on “A Playmate

  1. I’m not sure Lola is ready for a playmate – maybe some doggie play dates – and hopefully she will calm down when she realizes she’s not being left behind.

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  2. We have 4 dogs, the alpha is the snallest – my daughter’s shih tzu. Ours all do great togethrr, except when the 1 year old gets over excited, then someone will bark at her and put her in her place. All that being said, I wouldn’t add a sibling for Lola anytime around the move, new house, new smells, new dog – I think it would be way too much for her to handle. Maybe 6 to 9 months after the move, but not right now. Good luck with everything, I hope you get good news today. The new house does have a darts room, doesn’t it?

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