No Cable, No Problem

We disconnected our satellite dish in the middle of July because DirecTV kept upping the price.  It went up over $200 in less than 6 months.  Which is a bit insane.

Since we were moving in a month, we didn’t sign up for any other cable or satellite services.  And I am loving it.

However, I have to keep my internet up and running, so I signed up for HuluPlus, we were already Netflix users, I’m an Amazon Prime member, and I love to buy movies off Vudu and specifically buy DVDs and Blu-Rays with the digital copies.

Having a large selection of movies digitally, allowed us to pack all the movies in the house.  Having Hulu, Netflix, and Prime meant that our evenings are spent watching TV still… but it’s different.

As a group of 3, we are finding shows we all enjoy and watching those on Netflix and Hulu.  We have fallen in love with Rosewood and BlindSpot.  Neither are shows we would have watched otherwise.

My husband still gets to watch movies as he falls asleep.  When I go to bed, I turn on Hulu and watch episodes of shows like Horrible History, for the couple of minutes it takes me to fall asleep.

But it’s that paragraph 2 up that I like the most.  We are watching new shows that all of us enjoy and we marathon them for a few hours every night.  We’ve never enjoyed TV as a group this much.  I’m enjoying it so much, I’m not even looking forward to hooking up cable or satellite after we move.  Although, part of my happiness is that there are no commercials so my husband doesn’t channel surf in the middle of TV shows, which sort of annoys me.

Special chapter release on my birthday!  Just 8 more days.

3 thoughts on “No Cable, No Problem

  1. I have been binge watching on Netflix….watched Call the Midwife, The Fall – which i think you would enjoy, Broadchurch and I plan to watch Bloodline next. Love the British dramas and crime proceedurals. I even watched an Australian cop show.

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  2. I too am glad that I decided to turn off my cable service. Went back and forth between cable and satellite numerous times trying to save money. Now I have a streaming service that costs me only $20 per month and I get all of the same channels plus premium. Wish I would have found this service earlier…could have saved me thousands of dollars!

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