Why I Don’t Drink Coffee – Be Prepared

When I was 19, I had some serious allergy testing done.  Up to that point, I had only ever been allergic to metal, but for some reason, after my first ovarian cyst ruptured, I seemed to develop a plethora of allergies.

During testing, we discovered I was allergic to cockroaches and several other insects that have exoskeletons (crickets, grasshoppers, etc).  My allergist looked at me and asked me if I drank coffee.

I told him I did not and he told me not to start because it was the most common way for people with insect allergies to go into anaphylatic shock.  Preground coffee is the single biggest source of insect parts in food and drink.  I don’t remember the exact number, but the allowable limit is pretty high.

And brewing it doesn’t kill all the proteins in the insect parts.  If I were to start drinking coffee, it was recommended that I grind my own.  However, I’m lazy and I have no desire to grind coffee beans or even brew coffee (although, I do love the smell, I can’t get past the bitterness of it, no matter how much cream and sugar I add).

So, there’s little chance that I will ever take up coffee drinking.  However, the other day, I had a pizza and ended up having a mild allergic reaction to it (my face swelled up).  As I was trying to figure out the source, I remembered that my allergist had once warned me that lots of foods, including yeast and wheat based products contained insect parts and that I might occasionally have a mild reaction to them.  Pizza contains both yeast and wheat products and there’s a good chance that some portion of the wheat and yeast contained enough insect parts to cause a mild allergic reaction.


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