Until Next Week

I have made an appointment with my doctor to try an antidepressant.  With the chronic pain, the stress of buying a house, then moving, and my father’s near death experience, I am feeling overwhelmed and I’m drowning in stress.  I know because I really do wake up in the mornings feeling like I was beat up and I ate a night guard last night.

Because I’ve become whiny and sorta worthless, I have decided to sign off social media until I am in a better mood.  Speak to everyone next week or thereabouts!

7 thoughts on “Until Next Week

  1. Take care honey, take some time to love yourself, you are an amazingly talented lady and I can’t wait for your next book, but in your own time ❤❤


  2. I hope you feel better soon. As a former user of antidepressants please be aware of their side effects. I only wish I could get back the years I spent medicated.

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  3. I read your books, and your blog but I may not always respond. I understand and I feel your pain…Only those who suffer understand. Maybe I should be here everyday encouraging but like you sometimes that means shit, I know people mean well but just words.

    You do what you need to do. Those that truly want you in their lives will wait patiently as you can walk back into your own life.

    There are those here, I have read their responses and they truly respect and love you.

    Be well.

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