Dear Universe

This was never a funny joke.  The fact that no one is listening to me doesn’t make it funnier.  It just depresses me.  Bringing the swelling and stabbing pain back after picking up Jude (who is only 26 pounds) has brought me to tears.  You can stop now, because I am done.

6 thoughts on “Dear Universe

  1. over thirty years ago i was run over by a bus. that equals 30+ years of pain. sometimes i have to decide between breathing and moving. what helps is looking at the bright side. there is always a bright side, even if it’s only a sparkle far out there in the wilderness of the mind.
    you are a very special snowflake and the world would be poorer without you.
    hey, reading your books gets me through some of the worst pain, because some parts take my breath away and that makes it possible to hold my reader and flip the page.


  2. Feeling your pain honey, I have osteoarthritis and peripheral neuropathy in my feet, outwardly you wouldn’t know but some days come 7pm every step is torture and the knowledge that I am such with this for the rest of my life depresses me to the point of near suicide. If it wasn’t for my kids who knows? Some times I feel so disheartened I find myself resenting their existence, that if I didn’t have them I could just go to fucking sleep and not have to put up with it anymore….. But I won’t. I will keep soldiering on. For now anyway….. xxxx


  3. Hadena, Im sorry that you feel no one is listening ….I’m sure there are people there for you but maybe it doesn’t feel like it right now….I know pain can leave a bleeding black hole in your soul…Don’t give up !!!!Im sure your answers are out there …… Tomorrow is a new day .To fight anew …. Maybe there is a friend that can help with doctor appointments with you so if when you get frustrated or upset there is another person there to forward you case….I wish you always the best and there is always someone listening ….Love you sister.Shay Barnett

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