Done With Society

A few days ago, several teens in Florida filmed a man while he drowned.  They didn’t render aid.  They didn’t call for help.  Instead, they used their shitty cell phones to record him drowning.  They even laughed about it and made jokes.

Seriously, what the fuck have we done?

I get comments about how unrealistic the D&R series is, but the truth is we are raising an entire nation of sociopaths and psychopaths, like these kids who could so callously watch a man drown while recording it on their damn phones.

The worst part, they technically didn’t do anything criminal, so they can’t be charged with a crime.  A man is dead… They could have called for help or jumped in and tried to save him, but instead they recorded it on their phones.  That in itself, seems criminal, but what do I know.

And should any of the teens show remorse or regret, their parents will do what parents have been doing for centuries; reassuring them, holding their hands, telling them it’s not their fault.

Their behavior isn’t something we can blame on violent TV or video games or music.  The sad truth is, society is to blame.  We have spent decades preaching to our kids that they need to conform to the societal norms.  Don’t stand out, don’t be different, don’t think for yourselves, because the moment our kids start doing that bullies appear.  Bullies that want everyone to hate life as much as they do.

Except that’s the societal norm these days, that’s what we have taught our children to conform to be like.  Of course they have no unconscious, no remorse, no voice in their heads’ acting like a Jimney Cricket.  We have been so busy hoovering over them, not letting them make good or bad decisions, not letting them be individuals, that we have created a society full of sociopaths and psychopaths in our most vulnerable population…

And if a kid fails to confirm, we write them off as troublemakers, attention seekers, and lost causes.  Which is nothing short of ridiculous and hypocritical.  We all survived periods of unrest and non-conformity and I would like to emphasize the word “survived” in that sentence.  Was it always easy?  No.  But I can’t think of a single person I hung out with that would have watched, joked, and videoed a person drowning.

7 thoughts on “Done With Society

  1. Thankfully I just read that they found a way to,charge them. I hope they rot for what they did. And you’re right parents are too busy coddling their kids, ring their friend and making them believe they do nothing wrong to discipline them. It’s sick

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  2. I find this funny-in a truly sad way– that you get comments about your series being unrealistic. Fiction, DUH???
    In all seriousness though, i work in corrections with juveniles who are to be sentenced as adults. their crimes are often heinous, even by adult standards, and behaviors such as those teens exhibited are merely precursors of what they can be capable of as adults. this lack of empathy displayed in Florida seems endemic. it is the quality most of “my” kids lack.

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    1. That’s why I refer to it as evolutionary and pandemic in the D&R series. Imagine how truly frightening the world would be in 1 in 10 psychopaths became serial killers… which is what I base the D&R series on.

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      1. given my work experience and academic training is why i don’t think that D&R is all that far fetched. Considering our present political climate, i postulate it will get even worse. I dread the day when D&R is less of a fictional and more of an actual recounting of our time.

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  3. I grew up never wanting my parents to be disappointed in me. Today, with my own daughters, I see kids who could care less about what anyone thinks, much less their parents. I’ve made it very clear to my daughter’s teachers through the years that I don’t expect them to raise my girls – that’s my job. Unfortunately, they have to spend an incredible amount of time raising other people’s children. I know my girls aren’t perfect, they know it too. But they do treat others with respect, even when it’s not returned.

    The scariest thing to me is I’m afraid we are raising a nation of individuals like these boys and their follow the pack mentality.

    As for D & R, I feel sorry for people who are so clueless that they think the series is far-fetched. I think it’s a little closer to reality than they can accept.

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  4. I saw it and stated had my son been there doing that I would have driven him to the police station myself, but I knew my son wouldn’t have been there, he’d been raised as a human not a hooting chimp. That’s what they acted like, hooting monkeys with no skill set or empathy. As a EMT and then a Nurse single parent I have watched my son do things like ask the neighbors did they need groceries in the winter and deliver them on his way home from his job at a grocery in walking distance. I watched as his back caused a few days of painful twinges because some lady with a O2 tank and a half full basket-full of groceries when in her motorized cart’s battery died leaving her stranded at the back of the store, he pushed her, and the cart to the front of the store, then went to gather items for her then push her out to the car her husband was in waiting.. then stunned watched as he took the basket back and plugged it in Needless to say I pointed out to the manager that we were in a strange store and none of his employees did a darn thing and my son gave them the best advertisement they could hope for..have his employees step up next time… He is now in his 30’s and still that boy I raised a Man I am proud to smile and say yep he’s mine.. and while he can’t swim well I have watched him wade out and get scratched to shreds plucking a kitten out of a sapling in the middle of a huge puddle.. The neighbors came out when they saw him coming to their door not knowing their new furbaby had made a foiled attempt at tree climbing.. That’s what we should be raising.. and some of us are human enough to know that you have to be Human to be humane. Humanity needs Humane humans not chimps with cell phones..Proud to be a single Mom with a class A kid.

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