Lola, Packing, and Pain

Lola is freaking out about all the packing going on around her.  I don’t know if it is general anxiety or if she is afraid she has to go to a new family – the only other time she has seen people pack, she came to live with us and she remembers where she used to live.  I don’t know how to reassure her that she comes too and I feel really bad about it.

For the next month, I have to figure out how to keep Lola from looking like we shot her best friend.  When we start packing a box, she lays down on the couch and just hangs her head looking sad.  The first night, when I took her out to go pee, she hung her head and walked towards the car like she was ready to take her final ride with me.  It made me almost cry.

Night after night, she just sits lethargic on the couch with her head on my mom’s lap and watches us do stuff.  After we stop for the night, she curls up next to me and falls asleep on my lap.  I really do feel bad, bad enough that I don’t want to pack.  I’ve thought about trying to bring in a box into the living room and put some of my stuff in it with some of her stuff, so she’ll realize her toys are going in a box with my stuff.  But I’m not sure that will help.

We have some friends/family helping us move.  Cheapest labor ever, I’m paying them in food.  However, we helped build their house and they paid us in food, so it seems fair.

So… my hip.  I have scoliosis.  To be exact, sway back (you’d think I would have a butt as a result, but I don’t).  I do exercises almost daily to keep the muscles strong, but… the very tail end of my spine has now started to curve to the right as well.  Meaning it curves inwards and to the right.  This has put a lot of pressure on my pelvis and shoved my femur really tightly into the hip socket.  As a result, I have pinched some nerves and it is just one of those things that hurts anyway according to the chiropractor.

He is going to work on fixing it, but it isn’t going to happen with just a few visits.  We have months of plans, a little longer due to the fluke in my neck that they have tried to fix before without success and is probably the cause of the majority of my migraines.  The popping and grinding I’m occasionally feeling is actually my femur rubbing the inside of the socket – fun stuff!

My neck has no curvature in it where it goes from my shoulders to my skull.  Kinda odd, but I was told that in my early teens when I had a sports physical (I did not have scoliosis at that time).  In my early twenties, I saw a chiropractor for several years who attempted to make the spine in my neck curve without any success.  So I’ll cross my fingers, but I won’t hold my breath that this one will manage.  For the record, my father’s neck also doesn’t have any natural curvature and we both have giant ridges on our skulls where our spine enters it as a result.



3 thoughts on “Lola, Packing, and Pain

  1. Do you have access to the new house yet? If so, take a box or two of your stuff and a few of her toys and go over so she gets that she is going with you. This is making me feel so sad for her as well. But she’ll be so happy once everything is moved and she is still with you.

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  2. I feel so bad for poor Lola! I’m sure that she will relax once you get into the new house – don’t have any ideas on the time in between though. Sorry about the back but glad there is a plan to help with it.

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