Still Going On About It

Recently, someone my husband and I know pointed out we’d been married almost six months and I wasn’t getting any younger, so we needed to hurry up with the baby making. When I expressed my horror at the idea, they told me it would be different if it was my own.

No, it probably wouldn’t.  I can deal with Lola’s vomit, but I don’t clean up her poop and if Jude poops, I try to sneak out of the room before the diaper gets changed.  And it’s not just bodily functions… I was sitting at the chiropractor’s office today when a family came out (mom, dad, 2 young girls) and one of the girls was whining about having to walk the 15 steps out to the car in the heat.  So her mother was trying to get her to hop or skip…

In the minute it took them to leave, I felt myself getting irritated with both the mother and the little girl.  I don’t know what the solution was, but the little girl’s excessively whiny voice was like dagger’s to my central nervous system.  My eye started to twitch, I had to fight a sneer and I think I failed, and yeah.  I don’t actually like children all that much.

I love Jude, but when he is fussy, I want nothing more than to leave.  Why risk having my own children and it not being different?  I would make a terrible parent.  I’m good for like an hour at a time, as long as they aren’t whining, fussing, or being irritating.

Thankfully, my husband chimed up that he didn’t want children either.  Discussion closed.  It reminded me that when a man says he doesn’t want children, no one thinks anything about it, but when a woman does, it’s a huge problem for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Still Going On About It

  1. I have this same issue with my 77 year old mother and her 70 year old sister. I have less than zero patience or tolerance for kids and I’m well aware that motherhood is not for me…I’m 37. It was so bad from my aunt’s drama that she felt it was ok to belittle me “as a failed” woman in front of my entire family at my father’s funeral…(her words).

    She makes it a point to tell me about her “great grandson” and how it’s wrong my mother has to get her “baby fix” through him. When I should have one for her to play with and spoil. The fact that bothers me and seems to go unoticed by her is that her great grandson was given to her by her “still in high school “grandaughter” who still lives at home. But I guess I’m the A**hole.

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  2. People need to mind their own business – if you want a kid – you will have one – lol…fortunately I’ve gotten old enough that people stop asking me why no kid – simply didn’t want one – I do okay with babies and teenagers but the period in between??? no thanks….don’t let others get to you:)

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