Internet Breeds Familiarity

I know a writer who currently set up a GoFundMe set up to pay for a vacation.  I find this weird since they shared it on their Facebook Author page.  I found it even weirder when I told them I couldn’t donate because I was in spending jail until after we close on the house and they told me to go set up a GoFundMe for it.  Um, no.  I ask my readers to buy my books, I am not going to put out my hand and beg for donations to give me spending money.

As appalled as I am by this particular author’s audacity, I sorta get where they are coming from.  The internet breeds familiarity with readers that authors have never had before.  There are several readers that I exchange messages with fairly often and I feel I know them.

I have had readers contact me with some pretty strange requests as well.  For example, one reader asked me if I would be willing to donate my eggs to them because they didn’t want to see my genes go to waste.  I politely declined.  I’ve also been asked for locks of my hair, my used Jamberry wraps, and been proposed to.  Furthermore, readers send me links to GoFundMe pages for different things.  I’ve also been asked to do blog posts to bring awareness to certain things or to use my author page as a platform for a cause.

I did get one very creative charity request; they wanted me to donate $5 for each fictional character killed in the D&R series.  This was after the release of Fortified Dreams and their figure was 117 people had been killed throughout the 11 books.  I don’t know if this is accurate, I don’t keep a running tab of the number of people I kill, but I did kill several in Fortified Dreams, so it’s possible.

Anyway, I digress.  There was a point to this post and I seem to have forgotten… Oh, yes, the thing about social messenger and the internet in general is that communication between readers and writers (and anyone else for that matter) has been reduced to just a click or two.  This makes it easy for strange requests to go back and forth between.

One thought on “Internet Breeds Familiarity

  1. Ok, I’m just floored someone would setup a gofundme account for a vacation. We all would like to take a nice vacation every year, but we skimp and save to get there. I’ve become very leary of gofundme requests, which is a shame, but I’ll only donate now to people I know personally and know that there is a legitimate need.

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