Surgery & Other Things

My father’s surgery went very well.  The got his heart valve replaced and he is already showing significant signs of improvement.

My sciatica has greatly improved, but the hip joint is still killing me.  It has begun to grind when I walk or drive.  I’d like to figure out what the hell is wrong with it, but the ER totally screwed me when they diagnosed me as having nothing wrong but a Urinary Tract infection.  In my town, all the hospital/doctor information is linked in a single system.  So when I call my doctor about the problem, all he sees is that the ER said I have a gnarly UTI.  The office was very confused when I kept calling and telling them that I needed something for pain in my hip when the ER said the problem was a UTI.  In some ways, technology is great and in others, it totally sucks.

I haven’t worked on Demonic Dreams the last few days because of fireworks and my father.  The fireworks turn Lola into a hot mess.  My father’s condition turned me into one.  I will probably take one more night to just breathe and get back to it tomorrow.

Surprisingly, Jude the Great Nephew turns 1 year old this weekend.  I can’t believe it has already been a year.  Time is never a constant flow, but it seems like it moved exceptionally fast this past year.

We have a house under contract, which means I am banned from spending money until after we close on it – since my royalty checks are going towards paying the closing costs and what-not.  I must admit, I am feeling the pressure of it.  Since the ban went into effect, I have wanted to spend money on a lot of things – especially a large advertisement.  Funny how when you can’t spend money, that’s all you want to do.  I went through and cancelled my subscriptions to all my “fun stuff” this month, like Kindle Unlimited.

However, we are going to need some stuff after we close on it.  We are going from 700 square feet of house to 1,500 square feet of house with actual office space for me.  I think one of my favorite things about the house is the massive kitchen – it’s like 10 feet by 14 feet or something amazing like that and the dining room is separate.  I have always wanted a huge kitchen, especially since I’m a kitchen gadget nut.  I have all sorts of kitchen gadgets and gizmos and this kitchen gives me the counter space and cabinet space for all of them.  I’m really excited about that.  I’m going to need actual office furniture, we are going to need a second couch for the living room, there is a spare bedroom…

Not to mention that at some point, we are going to have to expand the driveway for my car loving husband.  It has two spaces and a two-car garage, but he has 3 vehicles all on his own.  I have one.  Plus, we have the camper that we bring home once a year.  The good news is we can expand the driveway without cutting into the massive backyard that Lola is going to love.

The real problem is that I hate being broke and I’m currently broke as a result of this.  Someone asked me to support a program for a sporting event by running an ad in it and I couldn’t even do that.  Which is the downside of being a writer.  I have great months where royalties more than cover the cost of everything, but then I have months where they don’t and I have to dip into my savings.  This year, I had four of those months in a row, so my savings are fairly depleted at this moment.

Oh well.  It was on my goal list, so I’ll suck it up and deal with being broke in July and August.




One thought on “Surgery & Other Things

  1. Sorry about your sciatica and the mess at the doctors – glad your dad is doing better – sorry about the finance thing too… is just a royal pain – even when we are getting things done on our bucket list

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