Creepy Shit Happens During the Daylight

Every horror movie ever written will have you believing that creepy stuff only happens at night.  This is totally not true.  Creepy things happen at all hours of the day, night, week days, weekends, etc.  I’ve told my story about the people putting the tree trunk across the road in the past.  It happened when I was in high school, I was at lunch so it was about noon and it was the middle of the week.  For those new or just don’t remember:

One day, a friend asked me to drive her home.  She lived way out in the middle of nowhere, but I obliged.  To make sure my parents didn’t see me, we took the back way.  About a half mile from her house on this little bitty gravel road, we came to a tree in the middle of the road.  It didn’t look like it had blown down or fallen down, but we were teens and we all know how logical teenagers are.  We both get out of the car and move it out of the road.  I drive the rest of the way, drop her off, and go back the way I came.  Only the log was back in the middle of the road and there were people running through a field.  I did a U-Turn and took the highway back.

There are a couple of things about the story that still bother me.  It was the middle of nowhere.  Mostly cornfields on either side of the road.  There was no reason for people to be out there, let alone out there putting logs across the road.  Everyone seemed to be wearing black, kinda strange that everyone would decide to go monochrome the day they flash mob around a tree in the middle of nowhere.  Third, they weren’t even trying to hide.  Not that they could have in a cut down cornfield, but hey, at least pretend to make an effort.  Fourth, there were several people, not like three.  Doesn’t any of them have jobs?

This was before everyone owned a cell phone and I wasn’t an exception.  I had a car, that was still a big thing when I turned sixteen and I got a cheap, junkie car for my sixteenth birthday (I cried when the motor blew a few years later) that I loved.

However, creepy things are a little more likely to happen at night because of how our minds interpret the dark.  For example, I was positive I caught someone trying to break into my husband’s car last week.  I saw a shadow move and it looked like a big shadow.  Lola went into alert/scary dog mode with her hair standing up and her growling ever-so-slightly, but unless Tom the Cat has become a car thief…  Somehow, my mind saw a big scary shadow moving like a person and when I found the source of the shadow it was a cat.  It wasn’t a full-moon, so I doubt some kind of lycanthrop tried to steal it, which just means my brain over-extrapolated the shadow it saw into something much bigger and more sinister than it really was.  Lola is convinced cats want to be her friend, but that doesn’t mean she won’t growl at one that’s in her territory.

Creepy things happen to me at night all the time, but I’m often out at 1 am and there are lots of cats, raccoons, and other critters (as well as a few weirdos) in our neighborhood.  Lola doesn’t help because she pretty much reacts to anything in our yard or driveway as a threat.  This means a cat by the back fence in the shadows that are too dark for me to see into without a flashlight, suddenly becomes a serial killer that I can’t see.

Of course, that doesn’t mean really creepy things don’t happen at night.  In January of 2016, Lola was growling and barking at something standing near the fence in my neighbor’s backyard.  I imagined it was a cat, even if I couldn’t see it.  But then some guy stepped out of the shadows of the fence and took off running.  The cops didn’t find him, so we didn’t know what he was doing back there.  Especially along the large privacy fence the surrounds the neighborhood… Most likely, he was casing places for burglaries, but one never knows for sure.  He was dressed all in black except for some very bright green tennis shoes which seemed out of place with the rest of his outfit.

The world is full of strange things and strange people and even stranger occurrances, but don’t think that just because it happens during the daylight, it is any less creepy than things that happen after dark.  Life has taught me some of the most nefarious things happen in broad daylight.

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