There’s a cover in progress (Yay! CoveredCreatively rocks, just FYI – Angela always goes the extra mile to make me happy with my covers and this one, even in the draft stages, is making me smile).

Despite the frantic health issues of my father and now my half-Kardashian-esque buttocks, I’ve continued to make progress on it.  Meaning the writing hasn’t stopped these past two weeks.

ghostly figure in dark scary forest  This means September is probably a solid estimate for when it will be released!

Every other project I have is on hold whilst I finish Demonic Dreams.  I can’t leave Aislinn and Gabriel in limbo for too long, I’m getting a couple of messages a week asking me if I killed Gabriel.

I didn’t realize he was a reader favorite, but judging by the questions, he might be.  For the record, I’m okay with that, I happen to really like Gabriel as well.

6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I believe it is safe to say that we would be upset if any of the team is killed. I screamed with Aislinn when she was told Xavier died. I cried for Michael. When the team is separated, I feel a bit out of wack. You have created characters that we ride along with as they hunt down evolution’s nightmare.

    While we wait to find out the fate of our friends, I hope your father and your butt get better. (the less Kardashian the better!) 🙂

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