What We’ve Got Here Is a Failure To Communicate…

My father has been in the hospital all week with heart problems.  It’s been very stressful.  However, some of the stress could be relieved if people communicated with each other.  My father spent weeks lying to us, telling us nothing was wrong, they were just running some tests, no big deal and then suddenly he’s in the hospital and the doctors are telling us he isn’t going to live.

Wow… Um, that was quite the blindsiding.

My sister, as a matter of trying to cope with this sudden news, goes on social media to express her feelings and suddenly, our father is up in arms about that.  Why is she posting his business?  She really isn’t, she’s trying to express her feelings and deal with the knowledge that we were told he would never walk out of the hospital alive.

I kept mum because my father and I haven’t always been known to get along the greatest.  We have conflicting personalities.  I love him, but can’t always agree to disagree even.

For five days, my father lived simply because norepinephrine exists.  He is doing remarkably better, but I knew that blogging about it would bring down his wrath on my head.  So I kept my mouth shut.

But that’s exactly what I mean… I couldn’t communicate with him, he couldn’t communicate with me.  Most of the time, I think he looks at me and still sees a fragile 10-year-old girl that he has to protect.  For the record, I’m not ten, I’m definitely not fragile at this point, and I prefer to slay my own dragons.

Enough for the night.  Fingers crossed things stay on the improving side.

6 thoughts on “What We’ve Got Here Is a Failure To Communicate…

  1. wonderful(ish) news! Hang in there little girl. As a mother I can tell you that it is TOTALLY possible for your child to be an accomplished adult AND a 10 year old child you love all in the same breath. Some weird syndrome that doctor have yet to label…

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  2. Sorry to hear about your dad – hopefully he will improve and the doctors will be wrong and he will be able to leave the hospital and watch over you for several more years – though as you said you are no longer in need of “watching” since you are not 10 – lol. With parents it’s often a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


  3. A hug and a prayer would be all I can offer so have hubby give my hug to you and I’ll take care of the prayer.. My Dad was the same way and I’d take his BS mentality now over visiting his cremains any day. You can prepare for the worst but don’t stop praying fo a good outlook.
    The fact they are looking for a secondary is both heart swelling in it may be treatable. Remember the good days, forgive the bad. I will pray he gets to stick around a while longer, because I am so tired of hearing that someone else in my close ring has had a death..
    I wish you peace in whatever the future brings

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