Leave it to me

So, the edits are back on Flawless Dreams and I desperately need to work on it.  But leave it to me to catch some strange ass virus that attacks the sinuses, optical nerves, and then moves lower.  Essentially, I got a few more days before this virus moves south in my body.  Until then, I have a sinus headache like you can’t even begin to imagine, a swollen ear because yeah, it attacked that too, I can barely see – this totally sucks and leads to very boring days where I can’t work, play video games, enjoy a book, or even watch TV.  Because that’s the kind of luck I have.

The virus is airborne and highly contagious.  The ER doctor I spoke with last night (my second trip to the ER in 3 days), told me that it enters through the nasal passages and attacks this system first, but it is a systemic virus…  I’ll know it’s about done when my vision returns but my digestive tract is torn to shreds.  To here him tell it, I’m going to need to set up shop in my bathroom because it will be vacating the building via both exits.

That sounds joyous.

I haven’t decided which part of this is worse: the massive headache, unbelievable facial pain that prevents me from chewing food without serious narcotics, being mostly blind, or to know that the end is signalled by the return of my sight just in time for extreme diarrhea and vomiting.

It is a variation on RSV which is normally respiratory and very dangerous to children.  He was pretty sure I should ask my friends and see which of their kids have been sick.

And I have exposed the 10 month old great nephew because I thought it was extreme allergies.  So, we’ll all be keeping an eye on him.

I was told it lasts between 7 and 10 days.  It started Sunday morning, just in time to ruin Mother’s day for my Mom & MIL.  Then my husband’s birthday on Monday.  I’m hoping like hell it is closer to that 7 day mark than the 10 day mark.

There are two silver linings to this though:

  1. He said it wasn’t the worst virus going around.
  2. I am learning to use the dictation system on both my phone and laptop with some proficiency.  Not being able to see requires one to learn to use dictation.  I’ve even managed to figure out that Siri will read my text messages to me.

And I’m not totally blind, there are just giant black spots in my vision.  To read anything, I have to have it about an inch from my face and cover one eye so I don’t have double the black spots.

2 thoughts on “Leave it to me

  1. Wow! You don’t do anything halfway! It’s all or nothing. You’ve got to stop being such an overachiever. Seriously, I hope you got the cliffnotes version and not War and Peace.

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