Flawless Dreams

Dear Readers,

Flawless Dreams is with the editor.  Yay!  Here are my thoughts on it though whilst we wait:

First, I know the chapter Bones doesn’t sound like me for about 1200 words.  That’s because it isn’t me, it’s author C. Patt who was kind enough to write the necessary romance scene, so that I could deal with the blood and gore.  Writing romance sucks my will to live and I am very thankful that she agreed to provide the necessary setup for my favorite part; the killing.  And I feel guilty leaving her off the cover, but I gave her a nice little acknowledgment and did put her name in small print on the title page.  I hope that her and I will collaborate on some other pieces in the future… with both our names on the cover.  She is quickly becoming my favorite author to work with.

Second, I almost apologize for writing the chapter Hell.

Third, this book seemed to be swear worthy compared to other books.  I’m not sure why, but there are several words that come out of Ace’s mouth that don’t normally.  I’m thinking it’s Malachi’s fault.

Fourth, wendigo… no more is necessary there.

Fifth, I cried twice while writing this book.  There are a few moments that tug at the heart strings.

Sixth, I have already started the next book.  I understand what I did with the last few chapters and I know it is going to make everyone crazy.  It made me crazy to do it.  Please no hate mail.

Finally, I hope the entire book meets your standards.



PS:  Betas should expect it next week.

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