Writing Update

Your not so regular writing update from me.

  • Flawless Dreams – I am elbow deep in motives, means, opportunity, blood, gore, bones, and everything else that makes up a Dreams novel.  I did have to call in reinforcements though.  I had gotten stuck because of a particular scene and for four months I had been trying to write it and only gotten a single sentence out.  So, another author friend of mine – C.Patt – was nice enough to write what I needed her to write so that I could go back to the fun stuff.  It went well enough that I worked until 3 am last night and got 5 chapters added.  I suspect it will go to the editor around the 20th, maybe a little sooner.
  • Legacies Awakened – It has the first four chapters.  They are good and do not need to be deleted like previous incarnations of the story.
  • Movement in the Shadows – A few stories exist in this collection now.
  • Ritual Dreams – Not surprisingly, when I start to really work on a Dreams novel, other stuff in Dreams novels start to fall into place.  The killer for Ritual has been officially fleshed out.
  • ?? Reality – And the next Reality book is in progress.
  • ??? Dreams – And a new killer started fleshing itself out in Flawless that I have a feeling will be getting his own book.


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