Well, my Hipster Kilroy did not get 100 or more likes as I had hoped, but I’m not a complete jerk – so here’s a flash fiction piece that I wrote this past week.  (However, I am a sadist, so you will have to wait for Disillusioned Dreams to get a glimpse into Eric Clachan before he became a mass murderer)

I never grew out of turning the lights off, running and jumping into my bed. The dark had ceased to be scary years ago, but I still did it, every night. I would even cover my head with the blankets. However, as an adult, this was silly behavior and I had finally met a person I wanted to live with, possibly even marry. I had to break the habit. It took some thought and ingenuity on my part, but I finally caught the monstrous beast that had lived under my bed since my childhood. I went to a cousin’s house that I don’t really like and has seven kids, along with a bottle of organic lemon & kale wine, and when they weren’t looking, I let him go. He immediately skittered up the stairs and disappeared from view. That night, I turned out the lights and forced myself to not rush my bed like a linebacker trying to sack the quarterback, by repeating the mantra “there is not a monster under my bed” with each step. It took about a week, but it worked! Also, I stopped sleeping with the covers over my head for the first time in more than two decades!

For more twisted/humorous horror shorts from Terrorific Tales, check it out on WattPad.  I add two short stories or flash fiction pieces a day right now.  Comments and votes are always (incredibly) appreciated, especially since I haven’t entirely figured out my publishing plan for the collection.  Who knows, I may remove the stories that don’t get any votes or that get comments saying that the majority of readers didn’t get it and replace them with other stories.  Consider it a way for you to give me feedback on a book I have yet to actually publish (I so wish I had done this with Tales to Read Before the End of the World).  WattPad accounts are free as is all books and story collections available.

*This was originally written for one of the Gishwhes 2016 scavenger hunt challenges.  I wrote several, but my team voted to use another one of mine.  So, I got to share this one early.  🙂

©Hadena James 2016
This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead or actual situations is completely coincidental.

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