Lions, Oh My!

She watched him, her eyes never leaving his body as he moved.  She longed for his attention.  She longed for him to come over to her.  She wanted it more than anything else she could remember at the moment.

He turned her way and smiled.  This made her desire his presence even more.  She needed him to come to her.  His presence was distracting.  It was hard for her to concentrate on work.

Just before break, her longing was fulfilled.  He sauntered over to her.  She reached up and touched his T-shirt, rubbing her hand gently across the very center of it.

“What the hell are you doing?”  He asked, stepping away.

“It looked fuzzy, I had to pet it,” she answered.

“What?”  He frowned at her.

“The lion on your shirt.  I’ve wanted to pet it all night.”  She smiled.  “Unfortunately, it wasn’t fuzzy, just cute.  You’re free to go about your business now.”

She grabbed her purse and headed out the door for break.

©Hadena James 2014

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead or actual situations is completely coincidental.

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