A few stray dogs wandered the deserted streets.  With their tails tucked between their legs, they scurried around looking for somewhere to hide.  Hiding spots were at a premier today and finding one early was essential.

As many cars as possible had been removed from the streets.  Store fronts were boarded up, protecting the glass.  Everything was closed, even the factory and school.  A few people were finishing preparations, but most were tucked away inside their homes.

A mangy mutt with small mangy pups climbed the front steps of a house.  She let out a sorrowful howl as she looked for somewhere to hide her brood.  The home owner, a man in his forties with two kids, opened the door and quickly brought them all inside.  It was too cruel to leave the stray and her pups outside.

On the outskirts of town sat a van.  The windows were open.  The three men inside were busy with their own preparations.  One had a video camera to film the event.  One had a tranquilizer gun.   The other had a pole that held radio tags.  The townsfolk thought the scientists were crazy.  The scientist thought the townsfolk were.

A small ruble began in the earth.  It could be felt in the van as well as the floors of the houses.  The rampage had begun.  It happened every year, no one knew why.  The town had installed sensors a few years earlier several miles away to give them advanced warning.

Long bodies with dark fur began to appear in the fields.  In the long grass, the creatures were barely visible.  They sauntered, their gait slow and purposeful, the grass swishing around them as the moved.  One stopped, making a snarling noise and alerting the others.  They descended upon the van.  Their long claws scratched at the metal creating a screeching noise that hurt the ears of the scientists.  One managed to catch hold of the metal and began climbing the side of the van.  Others followed suit.

The rampaging creatures made short work of the men in the van.  After they had eaten, they continued their journey, entering the town.  The thousands of heavy bodies felt like thunder.  Their numerous claws made a deafening racket on the pavement.

The people cowered in fear as the animals marched through their town, headed for parts unknown.  No scientist had ever survived their attempt to track the wolverines on this strange migration on the last day of summer.


©Hadena James 2014

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead or actual situations is completely coincidental.

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