The Met, Central Park and Willie G.

Another day in The Big Apple draws to a close. It included The Met, Central Park Zoo and a street poet named Willie G.

So far, I have not been mistaken as a native. It might be my slow shuffling gait or my unwillingness to follow New Yorkers into busy intersections while the “Don’t Walk” hand is glaring at me or because I seem permanently lost… For the record, I have navigated foreign cities with greater ease. At any rate, I have yet to be run down by a taxi or attacked by rats. We did see one yesterday, enjoying a swim in a pond in Central Park… A rat, not a taxi… However, taxis are plentiful and it might be sheer determination that keeps them out of the watering holes in Central Park.

Central Park Zoo was underwhelming. The Met was overwhelming. Oh and I found Jacques Torres Chocolate. If we return to the store tomorrow, some chocolate might make it back to Missouri.

I was also approached by Willie G. the Poet of Central Park… self-proclaimed of course, but I’m an indie author… They are much the same thing. Willie was interesting to talk to for several minutes, but I finally purchased his collection for $2 to make him walk on and find another out of towner to sucker into purchasing his poetry. At least I got an interesting bit of New York.

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